Victoria Cup 2019 Fixture and Registration

Photo Credit: James Layh Graphic Design: Massimo Galli
Photo Credit: James Layh
Graphic Design: Massimo Galli

The Victoria Cup Fixture and Registration is now live on our website!

The VQA are proud to announce that the Victoria Cup 2019 will feature two divisions! While teams will have the opportunity to play against all other teams for ladder points, teams will play more games against those in their division. This change seeks to make games more entertaining, competitive, and a better opportunity to develop and improve for all teams.

Division One:
Melbourne Manticores Quidditch Club
Whomping Willows Quidditch Club
Monash Muggles Quidditch Club
Melbourne Ravens Quidditch Club

The 2019 Fixture is available here.

If you wish to register for the season, click here!

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A very limited pre-order period is available for the Victorian Fantasy 2019 Starwars Jerseys, featuring Team Maul (Red), Team Vader (Black), Team R2D2 (Blue), Team BB8 (Orange), Team Yoda (Green) and Team Troopers (White). Jerseys feature the character, faded faction logo background, VQA logo and faction logo on the sleeves, and team name, number and Victorian Fantasy in the iconic distant galaxy font.

Orders are open till 3pm, Friday 18th January due to the production timeframe, and can be made below. There will be a limited number of jerseys available at the event for purchase, however colours and sizes cannot be guaranteed.

Uniforms are produced by Beastwear. Click here to view sizes.

$25 Pre-Order with a custom number | $30 On The Day 

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Images are indicative of jersey design. Printed jersey may differ slightly due to how colours appear on screen. The Victorian Quidditch Association claims no copyright over Lucasfilm intellectual property. 

VICTORIAN FANTASY 2019: Registration Now Open!



A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

Victorian Fantasy: A Star Wars Story

It is a time of peace in the galaxy. After the Battle of the Sunshine Coast, all has been quiet in the off-season. But a new threat rises. With a new year brings new struggles as the War is about to heat up.

2019 has brought a new conflict to the Victorian system. A fantasy tournament in the sport of Quidditch will be fought by 6 brave teams to decide which controls power in Victoria. Armed with brooms, balls and determination, our brave heroes prepare to begin their 2019 conquest with the Victorian Fantasy…


Forest Hill College | 16th – 17th February 2019

Team Themed Jersey Included


Please note, refunds for change of mind will be available until the close of registration. After this time, all registrations are non-refundable unless in exceptional circumstance.

Victoria Cup Presentation Night 2018: Tickets Now On Sale

17th November 2018 (2)
Looks like we jumped the gun a little, but we are excited to share with you that we have found a bigger, better venue for our presentation evening, which will now be held at the Bells Hotel in South Melbourne! You’ve also now got another week to purchase tickets and to deliberate over your outfit!
So without further ado, the Victorian Quidditch Association cordially invited you to the Victoria Cup Presentation Night for 2018!
In celebration of our Victoria Cup season, we will be presenting awards to celebrate the top achievers within our community, including the season and grand final MVP’s.
The event will commence at 6:30pm with finger food to be served between 7pm – 9pm and guests are welcome to purchase a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
The awards presentation shall commence from 8:30pm.
Tickets can be purchased through the Victorian Quidditch Association website. Tickets will be on sale til the 1tth November, after this date tickets purchased are non-refundable by the VQA, however, may be sold onto a third party.
**This is an 18+ event. The venue reserves the right to deny entry or remove individuals from their premises. The Victorian Quidditch Association reserves the right to remove individuals from their event for inappropriate behaviour.**

Purchase your own Leadbeaters Jersey!

Jackson Weaver Photography
Jackson Weaver Photography

To support the Leadbeaters in 2018 we are once again opening up orders for Team Victoria Jerseys, as worn by our Leadbeaters in 2017 and now again in 2018.

Jerseys are $40 and all profits go to supporting our athletes on our way to the Victorian #threepeat. Provided by ZONE Ultimate, jerseys are high quality, soft, stretchy and great for athletic activities.

Payments can be made via PayPal when completing the order form below. Orders will be taken up until 5pm, Friday 8th September. Anyone wishing to pay via direct deposit should get in contact at

There is also a limited selection of caps and snapbacks available for purchase at $20 and $25 each.

Victoria Cup Finals Appeals

Photography: Jessica James-Moody Graphic Design: Nicola Gertler
Photography: Jessica James-Moody
Graphic Design: Nicola Gertler

Finals appeals for the 2018 Victoria Cup season are now open and will close on Sunday the 9th of September. These appeals are for players who have not participated in the required number of games to be eligible to play in the finals series, however, believe they have reason to be exempt from these requirements. These reasons may be but are not limited to serious injury, University commitments such as exchange, or work related commitments. All appeals shall be considered on a case by case basis.

Applicants shall be notified of the outcome of their appeal by email in the week following the 9th of September.

Players are required to have participated in 6 games during the season to be eligible to play finals. An appeal is not required for teams who finish in the 9th or 10th position on the ladder as they do not enter the upper or lower finals bracket play.

From the Victoria Cup League Rules:

2.8. For any player to compete in finals, they MUST have played 33% of games for the League with the team they are intending to play finals with. If there are 12 games, they MUST have attended 4 games to play finals. If there are 8 games, they MUST have attended 3 games to play finals. This is to prevent new players being brought in just for finals.

2.8.1. New players cannot be added to a register in the last game of the league unless they were registered to play and on the team roster prior to the previous game.

2.8.2. Players who have not made their 33% attendance requirement with their intended finals team may submit a finals exemption application for consideration by the Head of Gameplay and VQA executive.

2.9. All players who have not made their 33% attendance requirement may submit a finals exemption application for considered by the Head of Gameplay and VQA executive.


Victorian Leadbeaters Selectors Announced, Coach and Player Applications Open for 2018

Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Australia
Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Australia


With Quidditch Australia’s State Shield pencilled in for October 2018, player and coach applications for the Victorian Leadbeaters are now open!

The Association is pleased to announce the selection panel for the 2018 Leadbeaters; Congratulations to Nicola Gertler, Dean Rodhouse, Nathan Morton, Edward Vienet, Michael Braham and Ben Watson on their appointment. The Leadbeaters are now seeking a coach to take on the helm of leading the team to another back to back victory for Victoria.

The role of the coach is as follows;

The Leadbeaters coach will be responsible for the overall coaching and training based management of the team. The successful applicant will be expected to act in conjunction with selectors to decide on team composition, train the Leadbeaters over several months and run the team on the day of the Championships. The coach will also be required to assist with the logistical organisation of the trip. The coach will become a member of the selection panel if they are not already a member of the panel.

The time commitment of the coach would be to run one or two training sessions per week as well as travelling with the team to the championships in October (currently forecast for October). All travel, accommodation and spending money is the responsibility of the individual, however, the VQA intends to fundraise for the team which should hopefully assist some of the financial burdens of the players and coach.

Applications for the coaching position may come from individuals who intend to be playing or non-playing and are required to state their intentions when completing this application.

Applicants will be required to submit an application, including a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation may be from any individual of the applicant’s choosing, not exclusive of a member of their own team or individual outside the quidditch community.

Applications for the coaching position close at midnight, Friday 27th July. 



All Victorians wishing to play for the Leadbeaters must completed the form below and attend any but preferably all of the following sessions;

Melbourne MudBash, 21st – 22nd July: Players who sign up by Friday, 20th July, will be viewed at Mudbash participating with their club teams. The intent of watching players at club event is to see them working in a familiar environment with players they train with. The selectors hope this should allow players the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and discipline they have within their club lineup. Players will not be judged on the final position of their team within the tournament, however, will be judged on their teamwork.

Try-out #1, 2:30 – 5pm,  Sunday 5th August: Players will participate in a serious of drills and scratch matches with the intent of playing with new teammates and exhibiting their skills and versatility.

Try-out #2, 2:30 – 5pm,  Sunday 12th August: Players will participate in a serious of drills and scratch matches with the intent of playing with new teammates and exhibiting their skills and versatility.

Players who cannot attend any of these events may still apply however will be required to provide a justification as to their non-attendance. The two try-out sessions are free, however, signing up BEFORE the event is mandatory to ensure insurance requirements are met. Applicants must be members of the Victorian and Australian Quidditch Associations, as well as meeting the eligibility criteria as follows;


  1. You currently play for a club from that state;

  2. You currently live in that state;

  3. The team that you first played quidditch for is from that state,

  4. You spent the majority of school (K-12, at least 7 years cumulative).in that state


If you have different states for each of the above criteria, you may choose which team you wish to apply for.

Once you are chosen to represent a state as either a player or reserve, you forfeit your eligibility based on clauses B, C and D. For example consider a player who grew up in Melbourne spending all of their schooling there, but then went to NSW for university and began playing quidditch there. If they choose to represent NSW this year, they may only play for NSW in future years until they play for a club team in a different state.

Withdrawing your application or failure to make the state team you applied for does not forfeit your eligibility to apply for other teams. You may apply for multiple states but must withdraw all but one application before final selections.

As these are new regulations for 2018, we will be allowing people to use their eligibilities under B and C even if they have already represented a state, as they may not have been aware of these options. Going forward however, these criteria will apply. – Quidditch Australia


The two try-out sessions are open to all applicants. From these events, the selection panel will determine the necessity to hold further invitational sessions or begin selecting the squad.

Player applications close on Friday, 10th August 2018, however application sooner allows the selectors more time to consider your application. 

Questions may be directed to the Leadbeaters Selection Panel at


Melbourne MudBash 2018: Information Package


With Melbourne Mudbash right around the corner, here is some essential information for players and spectators attending the events. All this information and more can also be found in the 2018 Melbourne Mudbash Information Package.


The full fixture for the tournament, including pools, the refereeing roster and volunteer roster, can be found here.

Each team must be present at the marshalling area beside each field by ten minutes prior to each game, whether playing or refereeing. If your team is not present and ready to take to the pitch by the scheduled start time, you will forfeit the match. For refereeing slots, teams are required to provide a referee team which includes at minimum 3 Assistant Referees, 1 Snitch Referee, 2 Goal Referees and 1 Scorekeeper. After your game please vacate the field as quickly as possible and have your ‘post- game chat’ off the field to ensure the next game may begin on time.

and Requirements

All players on your team must sign in for the weekend before play begins. This is to confirm your final roster, jersey numbers and cross-check each player’s registration and membership status to ensure they are eligible to play. Any player who is found to have played without signing in will be suspended for their next match of the tournament. Teams who do not present for sign in may be at risk of forfeits or disqualification.

FIRST GAME:  You must be present for sign-in between 7:45-8:00am.

SECOND GAME: You must be present for sign-in between 7:45-8:15am.

THIRD GAME: You must be present for sign-in between 8:00-8:30am.

Sign-in requirements only apply on the Saturday, unless as an individual you did not attend the Saturday games.


RULEBOOK: Melbourne Mudbash will be played according to IQA 2016-2018 Rulebook with QA’s amendments. Due to the nature of our booking, only plastic cleats will be allowed. Red cards will be reviewed by the game’s Head Referee, Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay where appropriate.

Rankings will be determined by Wins/Record.

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

Win – 4 points

Overtime Loss – 2 points

Loss – 1 point

Forfeit – 0 points

Ties will be broken by the following procedures in order:

  1. Head to Head results between the tied teams.
  2. Points differential (with a max value of +/- 120 points for each individual game)
  3. Snitch catch percentage
  4. Coin flip

Any games forfeited will be entered as a 150*-0 loss for the forfeiting team. Forfeiting teams will not be penalised and are eligible to participate in finals.


Location & Grounds Rules

Melbourne Mudbash will take place at Fawkner Park, South Yarra. The association has been allocated three different areas with a total of 5 quidditch fields to be used over the weekend based on grounds conditions. Our relationship with Fawkner Park is very important, so we ask that everyone shows the utmost respect to the venue as well as picking up their rubbish and putting it in the bin.

Change rooms, toilets and a cafe (run by South Yarra FC) are located within the Southern Pavilion. We have specifically been allocated change rooms 2 and 4 and there are also single cubicles on the outside of the building. Please be respectful of other sports being played on other fields.

The canteen will be open all weekend for our convenience, serving hot and cold food as well as coffee and a variety of snacks. They accept both cash and EFTPOS payments.  


Parking: Parking at Fawkner Park can be difficult on weekends due to a high volume of sports and park usage, however it is not impossible. It is recommended to spare an extra 10 – 15 minutes to find parking in the surrounding streets. Please be aware of all parking signs, as some areas are resident permit only, and some areas are only for 2 hours on Saturday. We would recommend parking in Pasley Street if you must drive to the park.

Public Transport: Public Transport is highly recommended! However there are a number of changes due to roadworks along Toorak and St Kilda roads. Those wishing to travel on any Victorian public transport systems must use a Myki card, which can be purchased at most train stations and 7/11 convenience stores.

To get to the park by train, catch the Frankston, Sandringham, Pakenham or Cranbourne lines to South Yarra Station. It is then a 10 – 15-minute walk from the station to the field down Toorak Road. The number 58 trams will not be in service along Toorak Road during the event; instead, buses will be running from Domain Interchange along the tram route. The closest stop is #124 (Walsh Street) when heading towards Toorak or #26 (Park Street) when heading towards the CBD. A replacement bus can also be caught to the corner of Commercial road and St. Kilda road at stop #25 and then it’s a short walk down Commercial road to the park.  To plan your journey via public transport:


Melbourne Mudbash Social

More details surrounding the social can be found in the information package or by RSVP’ing to our event!


For further enquiries, you can contact Tournament Director Nicola Gertler at

Please also RSVP to our Facebook event to keep up to date in the lead up to the tournament and over the weekend.


Melbourne MudBash 2018: Volunteer Applications


The Melbourne Mudbash Tournament Committee are seeking individuals to take on the following volunteer positions for the tournament weekend. Applications are now open and will close on the 10th of July.

Pitch Manager: Seeking multiple individuals to take on the role of pitch manager in shifts across the weekend. The pitch manager is responsible for;

  • Marshalling teams, referees and snitches
  • Ensuring their field commences its games on time
  • Collecting the scoresheet at the end of the game and communicating the result to tournament organisers
  • Maintaining the equipment on their field, ensuring it is put away after each game
  • Handling any issues which may occur on their field and escalating these to the tournament organisers

Merchandise Sales Coordinator: Seeking one or multiple individuals to take on the role of merchandising sales coordinator in shifts across the weekend, primarily between 11am – 2pm. This role entails;

  • Coordinating the merchandise sales table over the weekend
  • Rostering volunteers to assist with the table
  • Selling merchandise, including cash handling and receipt writing
  • Keeping an inventory of all merchandise remaining and sold

Catering Coordinator: Seeking one or multiple individuals to take on the role of catering coordinator in shifts across the weekend, primarily between 11am – 1:30pm. This role entails;

  • Running the BBQ operations for tournament lunches
  • Rostering volunteers to assist with the BBQ
  • Coordinating the set up, clean up and pack down on the BBQ
  • Assisting the TD and ATDs in the management and ordering of food for the lunches

Admin Desk/Sign-in Assistant: Seeking multiple individuals to assist with the admin desk and sign in, primarily between 7:30am – 9am Saturday 21st July. Duties include;

  • Signing in players, inclusive of handing out social wristbands
  • Other administrative duties  as requested by the TD and ATDs

Melbourne Mudbash 2018: Player Registration

Photo Credit: Natalie Hulme

Now in its sixth year, the Victorian Quidditch Association’s Melbourne Mudbash winter Quidditch tournament for 2018 will be held on the 21st – 22nd of July at Fawkner Park. Across the two days, teams will compete in a series of ranked pool play or round robin games with the aim of moving on into the Sunday afternoon finals.

Any player who wishes to attend and participate in the tournament must read and fill out this form BY 5pm JULY 13TH.

If you are an individual wishing to join a mercenary team, please select “Mercenary Team” under the team selection.

Please be aware that payments may be made by PayPal only. Paypal is a very effective system and you can pay with a visa debit or credit card without even signing up. This change does not affect you financially at all.

Fee Breakdown:

Individual Player Fee: $35
Tournament Lunches (Sat & Sun): $10
Social Ticket: $20

By registering for this tournament you agree to participate in accordance with the rules of the Victorian Quidditch Association and Quidditch Australia’s Code of Conduct. Anyone found to be in violation of the code will be disqualified from the tournament and required to leave the designated fields for the remainder of the tournament. Please note that this is a drug and alcohol-free tournament. A copy of the code may be found here:

Please RSVP our facebook event to keep up to date with event details and FAQs:

Any questions regarding the tournament can be directed to Nicola Gertler, Tournament Director at

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch at Mudbash 2018!