Wrackspurts Quidditch Club

Founded in 2013, the Wrackspurt Quidditch Club has a story worth telling. Named after the invisible creatures in Harry Potter, for a number of years, the Wrackspurts seemed to live up to their namesake, remaining largely unknown, even invisible, in the Australian Quidditch World. The Wrackspurts perennially finished out of medal contention, and in 2014 the Wrackspurts arrived on the national stage in Sydney to compete in QUAFL, the Australian wide club championship, with an inexperienced and small squad who failed to win a match; leaving Sydney disheartened but not defeated.

2015 was a year of hard work and renewal for the team in navy blue. New recruits arrived in droves, a stronger culture was established and the team started to play for each other. This newfound strength saw the Wrackspurts achieve much better results, culminating in making the final 8 at QUAFL 2015, but the ‘Spurts’ were not done yet. With three of their players making the Australian Team, the ‘Dropbears,’ over the summer of 15/16, the Wrackspurts had their eyes on silverware in 2016, having never won a tournament! The Wrackspurts failed twice, finishing second in both Melbourne Mudbash and the Victoria Cup. The final tournament of the year, QUAFL, lay before them in December of 2016 and the Wrackspurts defied many critics to take home their first trophy; becoming the Australian National Champions. What the future holds for the Wrackspurts in 2017 is yet to be seen; whether this team will prove to be a one-hit wonder, or whether the Wrackspurts will build a legacy to be remembered by all.

Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography
Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography


Captain: U. Buccalossi

Coach: L. McCoppin

Email: wrackspurtsqc@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thewrackspurts

Recruitment Status: Please contact team

Training times: Thursday evenings at Caulfield Park*

*All training times are subject to change at the discretion of the team and should be taken as a guide only. Please contact the team if you are interested in attending a training session.