Melbourne Unicorns

The Melbourne Unicorns Quidditch Club, newly associated with Melbourne University sport, is a student-run quidditch team made up of incredibly attractive and approachable individuals. Established in September of 2013, the Unicorns made their debut in the inaugural Victoria Cup season with their first win in the first round against the, now disbanded, Northern Direwolves Quidditch Team.

The development of the team was evident throughout the 2013/2014 Victoria Cup season, with three unicorns players joining the Blackburn Basilisks Quidditch Club’s journey to NSW to compete and finish in the top 4 at the 2014 QUAFL Australia Quidditch Championships. As a team, the Melbourne Unicorns made their national debut at QUAFL 2015 with small 10 player roster. In pool play the Unicorns defeated the infamous ANU Owls, knocking the Owls out of finals contention in one of the biggest upsets at QUAFL to date. This win, coupled with the rest of their pool play performance, saw the Unicorns enter the finals round of 12 to only be knocked out by university rivals the Monash Muggles Quidditch Team.

2016 was both a year of growth and establishment for the team; securing clutch wins and close snitch range losses across the Victoria Cup season, Melbourne Mudbash and eventually QUAFL 2016. The club was also honoured to have three members of the team to be selected to the Victorian Leadbeaters state team.

Photo courtesy of Kassi Grace
Photo courtesy of Kassi Grace


Captain: M. Benstead

Coach: E. Kirsh, E. Wright, S. Gay, M. Benstead



Recruitment Status: Seeking new members from Melbourne University

Training: Tuesday and Thursday 4-6pm at Crawford Oval, Princes Park*

*Please contact the club for exact details and if you are interested in attending a training session. All training times are subject to change at the discretion of the team and should be taken as a guide only.