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Eight Goals and a Snitch Grab – The Victoria Cup 2015 Round 2

Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association
Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association

Written by K. Grace

It was a hot Sunday morning for Round 2 of 2015’s Victoria Cup; fortunately the players only had to endure around twenty minutes in the heat for both matches. The Wrackspurts made an unusual choice in their lineup with McCoppin and Kemister as their starting beaters, but it was a decision that worked in their favour with early competition for bludgers allowing D. Jenkins to score two successive goals. Unicorns’ Schulte landed some fantastic beats, working well with Myles, however the absence of the required pressure from their defending Chasers/Keeper meant much of their effort was for naught. Key point chasers Moore and Chopra were both restricted to the sidelines until seeker floor, ensuring their arrival on pitch was too late to affect the outcome. The relentless Growse dominated Wrackspurts’ chaser game, landing four goals. Kemister wrecked havoc as a Beater, yet still managed to get a goal of his own, as well as the eventual snitch catch, making his catch rate two for two. When it came down to it, the Unicorns weren’t effectively utilising their players, or else lacked the direction required to put a dint in the defense of the Wrackspurts.

Final score: 110*-0

The second game of Manticores vs Muggles was an interesting one from the start, with both sides absent of key players and some even playing despite being injured. A third of the Muggles’ chasing lineup were new players in only their second match, seemingly unprepared for the rigors a side like the Manticores can unfurl. Star Muggles all-rounder Morton dominated in multiple positions but lacked the support required from usual comrades Nash, Thomson, or Hogan to make much of an impact on the scoreboard. New Muggles Chaser Thomas showed the confidence and prowess of a seasoned player, proving herself as a player to watch out for in upcoming rounds. Harding from the Manticores let her presence be known keenly, dominating the beating game as effectively as this past QUAFL 2014 championships. Former Muggle and new Manticore Rodhouse, in his first match against his former team, struggled to land goals on multiple occasions, however he has the speed and stamina required to be an asset as Chaser once he adjusts to the Manticores’ offensive gameplay. At one point Rodhouse brought the significantly taller Dortmans to ground in a tackle, leaving him open to a beat from Tasman, proving that even in different positions they’re still a duo not to be trifled with. Mayling and Picar charged through Muggles’ defence multiple times, with the former scoring three goals and the latter two. All in all, the Muggles’ defense lacked its usual strength, allowing the Manticores to invade way too easily.

Final score: 110*-20

Our next round isn’t until 19th April, but if you’re heading to Supanova be sure to visit our booth and check out our exhibition games on both Saturday and Sunday!

Brooms Up for The Victoria Cup 2015!

Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association
Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association

Written by K. Grace

The first match of the day, Monash Muggles vs South Melbourne Centaurs was the shortest, only eighteen minutes long, meaning both teams didn’t have time to shine. Both teams debuted some of their recent acquisitions, with the Muggles’ entire chaser line comprised of new players toward the end of the game. Leane proved impressive, and Dortmans put Muggles on the board by storming through the Centaurs defense multiple times. Bludger control remained hotly contested throughout the game, at times with experienced Muggle beaters struggling to reclaim possession. Special mention goes to Tredrea from Muggles and Done from Centaurs for their excellent beating. Chasers to watch are Centaurs’ Voorwinden, scoring their first goal, and Gertler, brother of the Muggles’ captain and coach, who scored the final goal in his very first match.

Final score: 90-70*

The highly anticipated game of Manticores vs Wrackspurts was an intense and aggressive one. The forty minute long match was punctuated by many “brooms down” and doling out of cards by Head Referee Gertler. New Wrackspurts recruits Nash and Kemister, while effective, proved no match for Victoria’s most lethal beating duo Rodhouse and Tasman, the former of whom remained on pitch for the entire match. Wrackspurts’ chasers were able to land a few goals, with some impressive long shots by classic players Smith and McCoppin. But ultimately, the chaser game belonged to the Manticores, with the old Baylor defense of last season not proving as effective against the seamless team that is Mayling, Menkhorst, Hunter, and Blamey. Lithe Snitch Morton, a large factor in what was such a lengthy match, brought quite the fight. The eventual suicide catch went to Kemister, who is likely to prove a force to be reckoned with in what’s to come of The Victoria Cup 2015. Special mention goes to Wrackspurts Chaser Kleiner, whose well-earned goal resulted in loud cheers from the spectators.

Final score: 110-80*

La Trobe Quidditch’s debut performance was better than most, but they still have a long way to go before challenging the likes of the Blackburn Basilisks. While La Trobe Keeper Wynen showed faith in his fellow players, sharing the ball around, their female Chasers lacked the confidence required to further the ball up the pitch. However, with experience and more games under their belt, they will later prove to be crucial assets to the team. Former Manticore player Wymarra had the most success advancing the ball, but was folly to beating pair Parker and Gibson, who dominated Basilisks’ defense, maintaining bludger control for the majority of the match. Newcomer Norman, who already proved successful in the recent Victorian Fantasy tournament, excelled in his Basilisks debut, scoring four goals. Chaser Grace put pressure on La Trobe’s offensive lineup, and new recruits Saunders and Miller scored a goal apiece, proving their worth for the team. Ultimately though the game belonged to reigning Highest Goalscorer Thorpe, who racked up a whopping sixteen of the Basilisks’ twenty-seven goals, laying waste to La Trobe. The snitch catch went to Arbuthnot of La Trobe, giving them a small positive at the start of their first season.

Final score 270-30*

Round 2 of The Victoria Cup will be at 10am next Sunday the 29th of March. You can RSVP to the event here 

Victoria Cup 2015 Registrations Now Open!

Photo courtesy of Hussain Al-Qalaf and design courtesy of Kat Young
Photo courtesy of Hussain Al-Qalaf and design courtesy of Kat Young

The VQA is very excited to launch The Victoria Cup 2015! Starting on the 21st of March and running until the end of September this year, each team will play each other twice to fight for a spot in the finals!

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved Northern Direwolves for this season, but we’re also ecstatic to welcome the newest team to our ranks: The La Trobe Quidditch Team! Registrations are now open and players can register here, and view the league rules here.

The fixture and referee schedules will be released shortly; keep an eye out for event invitations to each round. Make sure you register before your first game, and we’ll see you on the pitch!

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your Team Representative or email team@quidditchvictoria.com


VQA Special General Meeting & Elections

Following the matches on the 21st of March 2015 the VQA will be holding a Special General Meeting to consider special resolutions to amend the constitution and to apply for incorporation.

At this meeting elections shall also be conducted for the VQA’s Committee.

For further details please read the attached agenda, election notice and proposed constitutional changes:

Election Notice

Meeting Agenda

Proposed Constitution

If you have any further questions, please contact team@quidditchvictoria.com

Victorian Fantasy Tournament


On the 21st of February 2015, the VQA will host their first fantasy tournament. This is a single day tournament with round robin style play and single or partial elimination finals running into the evening. Sunday the 22nd will be dedicated to beach quidditch for all players who would like to join in. There will also be a social event on Saturday night. The 21st of February is “White Night” in the city of Melbourne. There is a high chance the social event will include this. For more information about White Night visit whitenightmelbourne.com.au

For those who are unaware, a fantasy tournament is mercenary style tournament in which players sign up individually rather than as part of their season team, providing details about their position and playing style on this form. They then play in a team of players they may not have played with before. The captains will be responsible for privately drafting the teams with the Tournament Directors. Registration closes on Friday the 6th of February, 2015. This allows time for our captains to draft their teams. Late registrations will be considered, but not guarenteed a place.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Tournament Director, Nathan, and the VQA team at team@quidditchvictoria.org.au

To register, please click here

Easton Shield Presentation Picnic and SGM

After the final round of the Easton Shield, after the Manticores take on the Unicorns and the Muggles face off against the Basilisks, the winners of the Easton Shield will be crowned! Come along to our Presentation Picnic after the matches, where the premiers of the Easton Shield will be presented, along with MVP and Top Goalscorer.

The VQA will be putting on a sausage sizzle, so bring along a gold coin donation. The proceeds will be split between the VQA and the Leukaemia Foundation. Are you a baking expert? Bring down some cupcakes, maybe some cakes or some awesome procrastibaking. If you aren’t, nip in to the 7/11 on the corner of Toorak and Punt Rds and grab some Doritos and salsa. If everyone brings something, there’ll be plenty for everyone. BYO water, soft drink, beverage of choice.

During the proceedings, we’re also going to hold our SGM, to vote on the constitution. At the AGM earlier this year, the VQA decided that it wanted to pursue incorporation to allow the VQA to become more officially recognised within Victoria and to allow itself to better operate. After adopting the proposed constitution the next step in this process is having the association’s Secretary (Luke Nickholds) can apply to the relevant government department to have the VQA incorporated. We need to have a vote to put these things into motion to help the VQA grow.

The agenda for the SGM is here

The proposed constitution can be found here

It will be held at 12pm, after Round 12 of Easton Shield, at Fawkner Park, South Yarra.

VQA Supports Leukaemia Foundation With Easton Shield


For those who don’t know, Easton Shield is going to be a platform to raise awareness and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. The VQA is excited to release their official Leukaemia Foundation fundraising page. We are aiming to raise $1,000 over the next fourteen rounds of the tournament. The page can be found here.

When talking, reading, or hearing about severe illness, many of us will comment “I can’t imagine what it would be like if this happened to be, or one of my loved ones.” For some, this is their reality, but we can help. The Leukaemia Foundation provides personalised and practical support for patients and families living with: Leukaemias, Lymphomas, Myeloma, Myelodisplastic Syndromes (MDS), Myeloproliferative Disorders (PRV, ET, MF), Waldenstroms, Amyloidosis, and Aplastic Anaemia. This support is provided by the extensive team of highly trained Support Services staff who are there to help through every step of the journey. All services are provided free of charge to patients and families and are available in metropolitan, regional, and rural areas across Australia. More information about the Leukaemia Foundation can be found here.

So please give generously to this worthy cause, in honour of Nic Easton, who was strong, witty, and an inspiration to many. You can read more about Nic’s journey through his Twitter account @cancertweetment