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The VQA needs you for a role on our committee!

Two of our longest serving committee members, Jamie and Matt, are stepping down from their roles as Treasurer and Head of Officials to pursue exciting new things in their outside lives. We’d link to extend our thanks to them for all the work they’ve done in their time to make Victorian Quidditch as great and dynamic as it is. Just because you’re not in charge doesn’t mean we don’t hope to still see you at game days.

As you can probably guess, this means we’re now looking for a new Treasurer and a new Head of Officials until our AGM at the start of next year (~Feb 2016). Look at the end of this for the official election notice and the agenda for the meeting.

If you think you’ve got a knack for money or for wrangling referees then read on for a brief overview of each role. For a formal description of the positions, check out our constitution or if you have any questions then please contact the Returning Officer Luke at team@quidditchvictora.com.

We will be holding a general meeting on August 9 at Fawkner Park, after Round 13 of The Victoria Cup. There will be an election for these positions, and you can have your say in the future of quidditch in Victoria. You can RSVP to that meeting here

Election Notice
Meeting Agenda



As Treasurer, you’re the first port of call on money matters.

Like all committee members you’ll attend the monthly meetings, where you’ll have the honour of presenting the monthly financial report – keeping everybody up-to-date on the VQA’s financial position and ensure its squeaky clean. At the end of each year, you’ll summarise this into the annual report for members too.

You’ll work with other members of the VQA Admin Committee to manage their relevant budgets responsibly, as well as the VQA’s budget as a whole. You’ll be the primary person responsible for all money coming in, and money coming out.

Money matters, and Treasurer is a crucial role in the committee that we wouldn’t be able to run without. Money isn’t the only thing you’ll get to do though – like all committee members you’ll have a chance to have a say in the VQA more broadly and happy out were you can to keep Victorian Quidditch great.


Head of Officials

As Head of Officials, your job is to do your best to have highly skilled Head Refs and Assistant Refs at all VQA Games.

Like all committee members you’ll attend the monthly meetings, where you’ll propose and discuss with the rest of the committee ways to ensure that we maintain and improve the standard of Victorian referees. Maybe you’ll run workshops, or institute a mentoring program, or distribute guides, or get the rulebook tattooed on your chest in small font.

Another main part of your role will be organising referees. For new tournaments, you’ll develop a draft roster for the Admin to approve. For existing ones, you’ll make sure that the referees are able to make it each week, and if they’re not you’ll find a replacement.

As Head of Officials you’ll be passionate about quality officiating at our games, and you’ll be passionate for the VQA as a whole and take part in and work with the committee on other activities as required.