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Victorian Quidditch Association 2017 Committee


The Victorian Quidditch Association would like to thank all those who attended our Annual General Meeting this morning, and we are proud to announce our committee for 2017.

President: N. Gertler
Vice President: A. Langdon
Secretary: C. Bridle
Treasurer: R.Atkinson
Head of Officials: L.McCoppin
Head of Gameplay: N. Morton
Head of Media: S. Hicks
Head of Events and Fundraising: L. Pahl
Head of IT: vacant.

Team Representatives
Blackburn Basilisks: E. Farrell
La Trobe Trolls: G. Beggs
Melbourne Manticores: D. Rodhouse
Melbourne Unicorns: E. Kirsh
Monash Muggles: M. Kerr
South Melbourne Centaurs: TBA
Whomping Willows: Z. Giofkou
Wrackspurts QC: D. Jenkins

The VQA would also like to extend our thanks to former president Kassi Grace and former treasurer Graham Done. Since their election, Graham and Kassi have both worked tirelessly in their respective positions to ensure the smooth and successful running of the association. Their contributions to the VQA have been invaluable, and we wish them the best in their future endeavours and hope they enjoy their well-earned rest.