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Eight Goals and a Snitch Grab – The Victoria Cup 2015 Round 2

Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association
Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association

Written by K. Grace

It was a hot Sunday morning for Round 2 of 2015’s Victoria Cup; fortunately the players only had to endure around twenty minutes in the heat for both matches. The Wrackspurts made an unusual choice in their lineup with McCoppin and Kemister as their starting beaters, but it was a decision that worked in their favour with early competition for bludgers allowing D. Jenkins to score two successive goals. Unicorns’ Schulte landed some fantastic beats, working well with Myles, however the absence of the required pressure from their defending Chasers/Keeper meant much of their effort was for naught. Key point chasers Moore and Chopra were both restricted to the sidelines until seeker floor, ensuring their arrival on pitch was too late to affect the outcome. The relentless Growse dominated Wrackspurts’ chaser game, landing four goals. Kemister wrecked havoc as a Beater, yet still managed to get a goal of his own, as well as the eventual snitch catch, making his catch rate two for two. When it came down to it, the Unicorns weren’t effectively utilising their players, or else lacked the direction required to put a dint in the defense of the Wrackspurts.

Final score: 110*-0

The second game of Manticores vs Muggles was an interesting one from the start, with both sides absent of key players and some even playing despite being injured. A third of the Muggles’ chasing lineup were new players in only their second match, seemingly unprepared for the rigors a side like the Manticores can unfurl. Star Muggles all-rounder Morton dominated in multiple positions but lacked the support required from usual comrades Nash, Thomson, or Hogan to make much of an impact on the scoreboard. New Muggles Chaser Thomas showed the confidence and prowess of a seasoned player, proving herself as a player to watch out for in upcoming rounds. Harding from the Manticores let her presence be known keenly, dominating the beating game as effectively as this past QUAFL 2014 championships. Former Muggle and new Manticore Rodhouse, in his first match against his former team, struggled to land goals on multiple occasions, however he has the speed and stamina required to be an asset as Chaser once he adjusts to the Manticores’ offensive gameplay. At one point Rodhouse brought the significantly taller Dortmans to ground in a tackle, leaving him open to a beat from Tasman, proving that even in different positions they’re still a duo not to be trifled with. Mayling and Picar charged through Muggles’ defence multiple times, with the former scoring three goals and the latter two. All in all, the Muggles’ defense lacked its usual strength, allowing the Manticores to invade way too easily.

Final score: 110*-20

Our next round isn’t until 19th April, but if you’re heading to Supanova be sure to visit our booth and check out our exhibition games on both Saturday and Sunday!

Supanova Day 1 Is Over!

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Day One of Supanova is done and what an amazing day it was! If you came up and said hi, it was great to meet all of you who are interested in joining a quidditch team or just finding out more about us! A big thanks to those of you who came and watched our exhibition match yesterday and well done for those of you who gave it a go afterwards!

If you’re around on Day Two, we’re still there! We’re in booth 100 in the Fan Clubs section, and we’ll be running another exhibition match at 2.30pm in the patch of grass that you wander past as you walk down to the main building from the carpark.

Looking for more information about us and about quidditch? Have a nose around the website here, as well as taking a look at our Facebook page and our Twitter. Also check out the International Quidditch Association’s website which has even more information about quidditch on a global scale and how widespread our sport really is!

Welcome to the VQA!


The VQA hits Supanova Melbourne!

The Victorian Quidditch Association are pleased to announce that we’re going back to Supanova Melbourne! Last year we had the opportunity to be involved in Supanova and we must’ve done something right as we’ve been asked back!

If you’re coming along, visit the VQA table in the Fan Clubs section (see below) and we’ve got an exhibition match on both days – April 12th and 13th – at 2.30pm. Last year was a roaring success for the VQA and we’re hoping to follow it up with an even bigger and better event this year!

Jump on your brooms and we’ll see you there!

For more information on Supanova Melbourne, including ticket sales, click here.

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