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Melbourne Mudbash 2017

Melbourne Mudbash 2017: Team Registration

Melbourne Mudbash 2017
Luke Hemer Photography

Melbourne Mudbash is here for 2017 and the VQA is excited to be utilising our usual home ground, Cordner Oval at Fawkner Park, for the tournament. Over the weekend of the 1st to the 2nd of July, teams will compete in a series of ranked round robin games with the hope of making it through to the Sunday afternoon finals. Games begin at 9am each day and run till approximately 6:30pm.

To register your team, please complete the form below. There will be no team fee for this tournament. 

Any team who wishes to attend and participate in the tournament must have their Team Representative, Coach or Captain read and fill out this form BY JUNE 5th.

By registering your team for this tournament you agree to present at least one eligible Head Referee and snitch, as well as a Referee Team for your allocated games. All teams and participants agree to participate in accordance with the rules of the Victorian Quidditch Association’s constitution and Quidditch Australia’s Code of Conduct. Melbourne Mudbash as always will be a drug and alcohol-free event. 

If you are an individual wishing to join a mercenary team, please head straight to the individual registration form and select “Mercenary Team” under the team selection.

Individual Registration: Opening Tuesday 23rd May

Please keep up to date with our event for important updates and FAQ’s. 

Any and all questions can be directed to the VQA Executive at team@quidditchvictoria.com

Melbourne Mudbash 2017: Tournament Staff Applications

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Luke Hemer Photography
Luke Hemer Photography

The Victorian Quidditch Association is seeking applications for the following staffing positions for Melbourne Mudbash 2017. All positions are voluntary. The tournament is currently planned to be held in South Yarra, Victoria, on the 1 -2 July, however the location and date will be confirmed by Friday 19th of May.

Applications open: Monday 15th May

Applications close: Monday 22nd May

Any and all questions can be directed to the VQA Executive at team@quidditchvictoria.com. If you have another role or way in which you’d like to contribute to the tournament, please send us an email! We are also seeking keen individuals to generally assist with the running of the event.

Details and registration for players and teams shall be released on Friday 19th of May 2017.

Leadbeaters Coaches Application

Victorian Leadbeaters 2017: Coaches Application

Leadbeaters Coaches Application
Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

The Victorian Quidditch Association is currently seeking one enthusiastic individual to coach the 2017 Leadbeaters side. The Leadbeaters coach will be responsible for the overall coaching and training based management of the team. The successful applicant will be expected to act in conjunction with selectors to decide on team composition, train the Leadbeaters over several months and run the team on the day of the Championships. The coach will also be required to assist with the logistical organisation of the trip. The coach will become a member of the selection panel if they are not already a member of the panel.

The time commitment of the coach would be to run one or two training sessions per week as well as travelling with the team to the championships in October (currently forecast for October in either Brisbane or Sydney). All travel, accommodation and spending money is the responsibility of the individual, however, the VQA intends to fundraise for the team which should hopefully assist some of the financial burdens of the players and coach.

Applications for the coaching position may come from individuals who intend to be playing or non-playing and are required to state their intentions when completing this application.

Applicants will be required to submit an application, including a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation may be from any individual of the applicant’s choosing, not exclusive of a member of their own team or individual outside the quidditch community.

Applications open: 15th May 2017

Applications close: 29th May 2017

Questions can be directed to the VQA executive at team@quidditchvictoria.com

VQA Media Feedback Form

Photo Credit: Nicholas Hirst
Photo Credit: Nicholas Hirst

The VQA Admin are looking for feedback in regards to the VQA’s media coverage. We would love to hear your thoughts about the 2016 Victoria Cup and your expectations for 2017 (Try not to think of MudBash, or QA events like QUAFL and State of Origin.). If you’re interested in assisting the VQA in our media coverages and pursuits in 2017, send us an email at team@quidditchvictoria.com , contact us on facebook, or look for the media volunteers section in the Victoria Cup registration.

VQA’s Quidditch Come and Try Day

Luke Hemer Photography
Luke Hemer Photography

Heard about quidditch before and wanted to give it a try and didn’t know how? There are multiple teams across Melbourne who are looking for players! Come on down to learn the basics of the sport and find out why quidditch is for you!

To give you the full quidditch experience there’ll be three workshops focusing on chasing, beating and seeking. You will get to rotate between all three workshops before having a go in a game!

No experience is required, just wear sports clothes, runners (no footy boots), bring a water bottle and be willing to give it a go.

When: Sunday 26th of February, from 9:30am-12pm. The workshops will be starting at 10, but please arrive around 9:30 to have time to sign a waiver form and warm up.

Where: Lawn 14, Fawkner Park in South Yarra https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/fawkner-park-summer.pdf

Cost: FREE! Just click attending on our Facebook event to register your interest and to help us with numbers.

Contact us at team@quidditchvictoria.com if you have any questions.


All You Need to Know for Melbourne MudBash 2016

The Victorian Quidditch Association will be holding our annual tournament, Melbourne MudBash, for the fourth year in a row! This year’s tournament will be on the 25th & 26th June at Monash University, Clayton.

Weekend Schedule

Team sign-in
9.00am-6.00pm: MudBash Round Robin Stage

MudBash Finals & Consolation Games
2.40pm: Australian Dropbears v Dropkicks Exhibition Match
4.00pm: MudBash Grand Final
7.30pm-12:30am: MudBash Social at The Savoy Tavern, CBD


Sign In and Requirements

All players on your team must sign in for the weekend before play begins. This is to confirm your final roster and jersey numbers as well as to cross-check with each player’s registration and membership status to ensure they are eligible to play. Any player who has not signed in will not be allowed to take the field. Any player who is found to have played without signing in will be suspended for their next match of the tournament. Teams who do not present for sign in may be at risk of forfeits or disqualification.
FIRST GAME: you must be present for sign-in between 7:30-8:00am.
SECOND GAME: you must be present for sign-in between 7:45-8:15am.
THIRD & FORTH GAME: you must be present for sign-in between 8:00-8:30am.
requirements are both the same on Saturday and Sunday.
Each team must be present at the marshalling area beside each field by ten minutes prior to each game. If your team is not present and ready to take to the pitch by the scheduled start time, you will forfeit the match.
After each match, both captains will be required to sign the match scoresheet.



Equipment will be checked before your team’s first match on each day. Please ensure that you are not wearing metal cleats, jewellery, or any other metal or otherwise dangerous items as outlined in the rulebook. Any disallowed equipment or item of clothing may not be worn at any time during a game at the tournament. We would like to discourage the wearing of hooded jumpers under jerseys whilst playing as they can be considered a choking hazard and encourage all players to wear warm clothing under their jerseys without hoods.

Teams are permitted to bring their own brooms to the tournament however all brooms must be approved by the Head Referee of your game or the Tournament or Assistant Tournament Director.

Players may be penalised if any Head Referee or the Tournament Director or Assistant Tournament Director determines that a piece of equipment or clothing is illegal or unsafe and it is not removed immediately.



WEATHER: Though the intention of Melbourne Mudbash is to get muddy and play regardless of the weather, we have set in place the following conditions. As determined by the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay, in the event of severe weather the seeker floor may be cut down from 18 minutes to no less than 10 minutes to reduce game length but still allow teams to play. The snitch handicaps may also be lowered.

DELAY OF GAMES: In the case that games are delayed due to uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstance, the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay may reduce the seeker floor from 18 minutes to no less than 15 minutes to reduce game length but still allow teams to play and all tournament games to be completed. The snitch handicaps may also be lowered.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All players, whilst playing, officiating and spectating are required to following Quidditch Australia’s code of conduct. Serious breaches of this code will result in the player being disqualified from the tournament and required to leave the venue. All participants are expected to be respectful to tournament staff and referees and any requests made of them. Disrespect to any official or staff will not be tolerated.

Please note that this is a drug and alcohol free tournament for all players and spectators.

The Code of Conduct may be found here

GRIEVANCES: All grievances may be brought to the Tournament Director (N. Gertler), Assistant Tournament Director (D. Rodhouse), Head of Gameplay (N. Morton), or the President of the Victorian Quididitch Association (K. Grace). Grievances will be discussed in private between the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director, Head of Gameplay and VQA President and where necessary the Head of Officials (L. McCoppin) and any Head Referee or Official relevant to the matter. The urgency of the grievance and best course of action shall be determined by this group and relevant parties shall be made aware of any decisions. Where possible, grievances will preferably be dealt with after the tournament through the grievance procedure outlined in the Victorian Quidditch Association’s constitution.



RULEBOOK: Melbourne Mudbash will be played according to rulebook 9 with the IQA’s amendments. Due to the nature of our booking, only plastic cleats will be allowed. Red cards will be reviewed by the game’s Head Referee, Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay where appropriate.

The snitch handicaps will be as follows:

22 Minutes: Confined to the area between each teams hoops

25 Minutes: Snitch is limited to the use of one hand to defend against seekers

28 Minutes: The snitch is confined to the centre line of the field

Rankings will be determined by Wins/Record.

Points will be awarded on the following basis:
Win – 3 points
Overtime Loss – 1 point
Loss – 0 points

Ties will be broken by the following procedures in order:
1. Head to Head results between the tied teams.
2. Points differential (with a max value of +/- 120 points for each individual game)
3. Snitch catch percentage
4. Coin flip

Any games forfeited will be entered as a 150*-0 loss for the forfeiting team. Forfeiting teams will not be penalised and are eligible to participate in finals.



Melbourne Mudbash will take place at Monash University Clayton Campus. Games will be played on Soccer Oval 5. Change rooms, toilets and a cafe are located within the Monash Sport building. The cafe is not to be used as a team area or area to store belongings as there are other Monash Sport patrons who require access to this area. Please be respectful of other sports being played on other fields.

13494760_1398343203515995_6878883015255158236_nMonash University Clayton campus address:
Wellington Road & Blackburn Road, Clayton VIC 3800
Monash Sport’s address:
42 Scenic Boulevard, Monash University Clayton VIC 3800

Monash Clayton is located just off the Princes highway on Wellington Road and is also close to the Monash Freeway (M1). The Monash Freeway between the Toorak road exit and CBD is a toll road ($16.51 for a Weekend pass, midday Friday till midnight Sunday) however there are a number of other options from Toorak road to the city or to travel along the Princes highway into the CBD.

Parking: Parking on weekends at Monash is free in Blue permit areas. For your convenience please park in the blue permit area of the South 1 Carpark as circled on the map. Please refer to parking signs for all other areas as they may require a ticket.

13442434_1398344173515898_2066245525645649201_oFrom the bus loop, Monash is serviced by numerous buses passing through making it very accessible. From the CBD, it’s an approximately 40min trip on Saturdays and a 1 hour trip on Sundays by catching a train to Dandenong/Pakenham/Cranbourne to Huntingdale station and then catching a route 601, 630 or 900 bus for 5 minutes to Monash.

Monash is serviced by the following buses: 691 Bayswater-Waverley Gardens, 703 Blackburn-Middle Brighton, 733 Boxhill-Oakleigh, 737 Croydon-Clayton, 742 Eastland-Chadstone, 802 Dandenong-Chadstone, 804 Dandenong-Chadstone, 862 Dandenong-Chadstone and 900 Rowville-Caulfield.

To plan your journey via public transport, visit PTV


Tournament Fixture

Pools are horizontally sorted rather than vertical; therefore you will play a mixture of games across more than one pitch. Teams with a BYE are not required to present to a pitch. Teams must arrive at their pitch 10 minutes before your game.
After your game please vacate the field as quickly as possible and have your ‘post- game chat’ off the field to ensure the next game may begin on time.

13475221_1398342860182696_4431557711440397854_oFor a more detailed fixture, rosters & refereeing document, visit our tournament google sheet



All teams are required to provide referees for their allocated games. If teams do not present themselves to referee at their required time they risk forfeiting subsequent games. Referee teams are required to present themselves 10 minutes before their allocated refereeing spot. The refereeing team is obliged to find a replacement for any missing referees in their team and alert the relevant Head Referee, Tournament Director, or Assistant Tournament Director of these changes.

To see the full refereeing schedule as well as team lists, visit our tournament google sheet


Melbourne MudBash Social

After you’ve finished grinding your opponents’ bodies into the mud, join them for a dance, a bite to eat and perhaps a beverage at the Melbourne MudBash Social! Hosted at the Savoy Tavern, with our own allocated space (see dance floor) in the lounge bar, please remember to drop by to join in the festivities before you travel back home and after you’ve had a chance to scrub yourself clean. Savoy Tavern is located across from Southern Cross Station in the Melbourne Central Business District, and as such is very accessible by public transport, be it train, tram, bus, or hot air balloon.
Wristbands must be worn throughout the duration of the social and presented at the door upon arrival to gain entry. Please treat your wristband like cash as misplaced wristbands will not be replaced. Wristbands will be handed out to all those who purchased a social ticket at sign-in on Saturday the 25th. Address: 677 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (Corner of Bourke St and Spencer St)
Dress code: Smart casual, no thongs or boardies, or footy boots!
The Social is an 18+ event (please bring your ID) and the venue reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons.



For further enquiries you can contact Tournament Director N. Gertler – neger1@student.monash.edu

Please also RSVP to our facebook events to keep up to date in the lead up to the tournament and over the weekend.



VQA Special General Meeting June 2016

Congratulations everyone on a wonderfully successful start to the 2016 Victorian quidditch season!

Special General Meeting 2016
4th of June 2016 at 1pm, Fawkner Park, South Yarra

Following the stepping down of G. Gibson, the Victorian Quidditch Association needs a new President.

We will be holding a Special General Meeting to elect a new President of the Victorian Quidditch Association. In the event that the member elected President currently holds a portfolio in the Victorian Quidditch Association Admin Committee, we will hold a provisional election immediately after to fill their newly vacant role.

Election Notice

SGM Meeting Agenda

Position Guide

Please read through the above documents, and if you have any relevant questions don’t hesitate to send them to team@quidditchvictoria.com

Thank you for supporting quidditch in Victoria.

The Charity Cup 2015

Written by G. Gibson

In 2014, the VQA decided that there was too much of a break between the end of the Victoria Cup league and Quafl, the Australian Regional Championships. The community needed something to scratch the quidditch itch in the meantime, and from there the Easton Shield was born.

The Easton Shield ran in 2014 and was a friendly competition between the 6 VQA teams at the time; it involved no finals and results were based only on pool play. The competition was to honour Nic, the cousin of Blackburn Basilisks’ captain, Taya. Nic fought a hard battle against leukaemia, which he sadly did not win. It was a cause that was close to the hearts of many, so we partnered with the Leukaemia Foundation to raise both money and awareness for this cause.

In 2014, the Blackburn Basilisks were the premiers for the Easton Shield.

This year we decided to do things a little differently. With only two months between the grand final of the Victoria Cup and QUAFL (being hosted in Victoria this year), we decided on two full day tournaments in October and November. We chose a charity close to our hearts; this year it was the Stroke Foundation. All proceeds from the Charity Cup will go towards this cause and we are raising stroke awareness, particularly in young people.

Day 1 started with miserable weather. It bucketed rain as the players huddled under some trees for a small amount of relief from what they thought would be relentless downpour. The grounds were wet, and there were many puddles to avoid. Unfortunately players were not able to wear cleats, so there was a lot of slipping and sliding around.

As players set up in the downpour, the captains had a meeting to decide whether they wanted to rank the games that day. The outcome was that no one wanted to rank the games with the AQA. This meant that players could play for friends’ teams and it also took the pressure off so everyone could have fun.

By the end of their first game, players were wet, cold, and covered in mud. Nobody minded, after all, quidditch never stops. The day wore on, and the weather improved with the sun making an appearance. Games continued with players swapping teams, helping out the small mercenary team, and generally having a great time. We managed to get through the very wet day with no injuries.

The Manticores finished the day on top of the ladder with the Wrackspurts a close second. We moved into Day 2.

Conditions on Day 2 could not have been more different. The sun was shining as we set up at La Trobe University in Bundoora. Everyone was geared up and set for a day of quidditch in the sun. Some players from the host team brought down some zooper doopers and some cold cans of coke to sell and raise a little more money for the Stroke Foundation.

The day was off to a great start with the Muggles Vs the Unicorns. The game was full of friendly banter and great quidditch. It set the tone for the rest of the day. Teams played their hardest, lending players to the smaller teams as they needed them. Wrackspurts parted with a few of their players to the Manticores, during the Wrackspurts Vs Manticores game. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen better sportsmanship.

The day finished with 4 rounds of finals. 1st Vs 4th in the ladder, Manticores Vs Centaurs. Manticores won the game leaving Centaurs with a comfortable 4th place for the tournament. Next was Wrackspurts Vs Muggles for a spot in the grand final. This was the most intense game of the day, and despite the heat the teams did extremely well. Muggles came through with a win to take them through to the grand final. Wrackspurts finished in third place.

Before the grand final Unicorns and La Trolls fought it out for the wooden spoon. The game was close and within snitch range with the Unicorns coming through with a win in the end, leaving La Trolls in 6th place.

Muggles and Manticores went head to head. Players were hot and tired, and more than a few of them were sunburned. Both teams played as well as possible, and Manticores played especially hard with their small squad. Muggles just played a sharper and better game, winning the grand final and becoming the premiers for the Charity Cup in 2015.

It was a fun and fantastic tournament. The friendships between teams shined through all day and everyone left hot, tired, sweaty and smiling. A great wind up for Quafl on the 5th and 6th of December at Monash University where 19 teams will play their hardest to be the Australian quidditch champions. Will the Manticores hold on to the title? Only time will tell.