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The Victoria Cup Presentation Night

The Victoria Cup Presentation Night kicked off on Sunday, June 1st, with drink, festivities and general merriment at The Carron Tavern in Melbourne.

This night awarded the Victoria Cup Rising Star Award, Victoria Cup Most Valuable Player, Victoria Cup Rate Your Refs Award and Victoria Cup Top Goalscorer.

The awards were presented to:

Team Rising Star Awards
I. Dezani – Wrackspurts QC
J. Warhurst – Melbourne Manticores
L. Sliwcyznski – Northern Direwolves
W. McInnes – Monash Muggles
J. Miles – Melbourne UniCorns

Victoria Cup Rising Star
J. Cashman – Blackburn Basilisks

Victoria Cup Rate Your Refs Award –
Blackburn Basilisks

Victoria Cup Top Goalscorer –
J. Osmond – Blackburn Basilisks

Victoria Cup Most Valuable Player –
N. Morton – Monash Muggles & D. Mansfield – Wrackspurts QC

Congratulations to all the winners! Looking forward to see these players continue into the Easton Shield!