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Melbourne Mudbash 2017 Information Package

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Melbourne Mudbash 2017

With Melbourne Mudbash right around the corner, here is some essential information for players and spectators attending the events. All this information and more can also be found in the Mudbash Information Package 2017.


The full fixture for the tournament, including pools, the refereeing roster and volunteer roster, can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FaLn8q9_U-1M7Ms5g_aUkYewO5Y_kqnHJ3Ge0wNfr7E/pubhtml

Each team must be present at the marshalling area beside each field by ten minutes prior to each game, whether playing or refereeing. If your team is not present and ready to take to the pitch by the scheduled start time, you will forfeit the match. For refereeing slots, teams are required to provide a referee team which includes at minimum 3 Assistant Referees, 1 Snitch Referee, 2 Goal Referees and 1 Scorekeeper. After your game please vacate the field as quickly as possible and have your ‘post- game chat’ off the field to ensure the next game may begin on time. Three fields is extremely tricky and requires everyone’s full cooperation.

and Requirements

All players on your team must sign in for the weekend before play begins. This is to confirm your final roster and jersey numbers as well as to cross-check with each player’s registration and membership status to ensure they are eligible to play. Any player who has not signed in will not be allowed to take the field. Any player who is found to have played without signing in will be suspended for their next match of the tournament. Teams who do not present for sign in may be at risk of forfeits or disqualification.

  • FIRST GAME:  you must be present for sign-in between 7:45-8:00am.
  • SECOND GAME: you must be present for sign-in between 7:45-8:15am.
  • THIRD GAME: you must be present for sign-in between 8:00-8:30am.

requirements only apply to the Saturday.

Players arriving late must seek out a member of the VQA Executive (Chloe Bridle, Nicola Gertler, Regina Atkinson or Alex Langdon) to sign in.


Equipment will be checked before your team’s first match on each day. Please ensure that you are not wearing metal cleats, jewellery, or any other metal or otherwise dangerous items as outlined in the rulebook. Any disallowed equipment or item of clothing may not be worn at any time during a game at the tournament. We would like to discourage the wearing of hooded jumpers under jerseys whilst playing as they can be considered a choking hazard and encourage all players to wear warm clothing under their jerseys without hoods. Players may be penalised if any Head Referee or the Tournament Director or Assistant Tournament Director determines that a piece of equipment or clothing is illegal or unsafe and it is not removed immediately.

Teams are encouraged to bring their own brooms.


WEATHER: Though the intention of Melbourne Mudbash is to get muddy and play regardless of the weather, we have set in place the following conditions. As determined by the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay, in the event of severe weather the seeker floor may be cut down from 18 minutes to no less than 10 minutes to reduce game length but still allow teams to play. The snitch handicaps may also be lowered.

DELAY OF GAMES: In the case that games are delayed due to uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstance, the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay may reduce the seeker floor from 18 minutes to no less than 15 minutes to reduce game length but still allow teams to play and all tournament games to be completed. The snitch handicaps may also be lowered.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All players, whilst playing, officiating and spectating are required to following Quidditch Australia’s code of conduct. Serious breaches of this code will result in the player being disqualified from the tournament and required to leave the venue. All participants are expected to be respectful to tournament staff and referees and any requests made of them. Disrespect to any official or staff will not be tolerated.

Please note that this is a drug and alcohol-free tournament for all players and spectators.

The Code of Conduct may be found here: http://www.quidditch.org.au/code-of-conduct/

GRIEVANCES: All grievances may be brought to the Tournament Director (Nicola Gertler), Assistant Tournament Director (Regina Atkinson) or Head of Gameplay (Nathan Morton).  Grievances will be discussed in private between the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director, Head of Gameplay and VQA Executive Members and where necessary the Head of Officials (Liam McCoppin) and any Head Referee or Official relevant to the matter. The urgency of the grievance and best course of action shall be determined by this group and relevant parties shall be made aware of any decisions. Where possible, grievances will preferably be dealt with after the tournament through the grievance procedure outlined in the Victorian Quidditch Association’s constitution.


RULEBOOK: Melbourne Mudbash will be played according to the IQA 2016-2018 Rulebook with QA’s amendments. Due to the nature of our booking, only plastic cleats will be allowed. Red cards will be reviewed by the game’s Head Referee, Tournament Director and Head of Gameplay where appropriate.

The snitch handicaps will be as follows:

18 Minutes: Upon the release of the seekers, the snitch runner is required to remain between the keeper zone lines.

23 Minutes: At the 23 minute mark of game time, the snitch runner is required to remain within roughly 1.5 yards (1 metre) of the midline of the field.

28 Minutes: At the 28 minute mark of game time, the snitch runner is required to use only one arm.

33 Minutes: At the 33 minute mark of game time, the snitch runner is required to remain within roughly 1.5 yards (1 metre) of the intersection of the midline of the pitch and sideline of the pitch opposite the scorekeeper and benches.

Rankings will be determined by Wins/Record.

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

Win – 3 points

Overtime Loss – 1 point

Loss – 0 points

Ties will be broken by the following procedures in order:

  1. Head to Head results between the tied teams.
  2. Points differential (with a max value of +/- 120 points for each individual game)
  3. Snitch catch percentage
  4. Coin flip

Any games forfeited will be entered as a 150*-0 loss for the forfeiting team. Forfeiting teams will not be penalised and are eligible to participate in finals.

Location & Grounds Rules

Melbourne Mudbash will take place at Fawkner Park, South Yarra. The association has been allocated three different areas with a total of 5 quidditch fields to be used over the weekend based on grounds conditions. Our relationship with Fawkner Park is very important, so we ask that everyone shows the utmost respect to the venue as well as picking up their rubbish and putting it in the bin.

In regards to grounds;

  • Teams may use fields 4 or 5 (S2 and S3) to warm up to avoid putting too much unnecessary strain on Cordner Oval, as well as interfering with other games. This is inclusive of teams kicking around the footy.
  • The middle area and goal mouths of Cordner Oval are out of bounds at all times. No teams or individuals should be warming up or spectating in these areas.
  • Teams are required to set up their team area, inclusive of non-pegged marquees and tents, outside the marked football boundary of Cordner Oval.
  • It is highly encouraged that teams bring a tent or marquee (weighted, not pegged) as the VQA is not able to provide shelter for teams.

Change rooms, toilets and a cafe (run by South Yarra FC) are located within the Southern Pavilion. We have specifically been allocated change rooms 5 and 6 and there are also single cubicles on the outside of the building. Please be respectful of other sports being played on other fields.
Mudbash Fields Map

DOGS: As the areas are booked for a sporting event, all dogs are required to be on a lead at Cordner Oval (Field 1, 2 & 3) and S3 (Field 5) and S2 (Field 4).  However there will be a number of dogs around. If you see an owner who is not in control of their dog and it is disrupting our activities, please politely take it upon yourself to ask them to put their dog on a lead as they are at risk of a fine from the park rangers. Participants and spectators are more than welcome to bring their dogs however it must be supervised at all times.


Parking: Parking at Fawkner Park can be difficult on weekends due to a high volume of sports and park usage, however it is not impossible. It is recommended to spare an extra 10 – 15 minutes to find parking in the surrounding streets. Please be aware of all parking signs, as some areas are resident permit only, and some areas are only for 2 hours on Saturday. We would recommend parking in Pasley Street if you must drive to the park.

Public Transport: Public Transport is highly recommended! However there are a number of changes due to roadworks along Toorak and St Kilda roads. Those wishing to travel on any Victorian public transport systems must use a Myki card, which can be purchased at most train stations and 7/11 convenience stores.

To get to the park by train, one must catch the Frankston, Sandringham, Pakenham or Cranbourne lines to South Yarra Station. It is then a 10 – 15-minute walk from the station to the field down Toorak Road. The number 58trams will not be in service along Toorak Road during the event, instead, buses will be running from Domain Interchange along the tram route. The closest stop is #124 (Walsh Street) when heading towards Toorak, or #26 (Park Street) when heading towards the CBD. A replacement bus can also be caught to the corner of Commercial road and St. Kilda road at stop #25 and then it’s a short walk down Commercial road to the park.

To plan your journey via public transport: https://ptv.vic.gov.au/journey or download the PVT app. The TramTracker app is also useful.

Current Roadworks: Roadworks are currently taking place on Toorak road and St Kilda road which will affect both public transport and many driving to the tournament. Buses will replace trams on routes 3/3a, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67 and 72 along St Kilda road from Stop 19 (Shire of Remembrance) to Commercial Road or High Street. Buses will replace tram route 58, which usually travels along Toorak road, between Domain Interchange and Toorak. Transdev bus services 216, 219, 220 and Eastrans Bus 605 may also be affected by these service changes. Those driving should seek an alternative route to get to the park. More information can be found here.





For further enquiries, you can contact Tournament Director Nicola Gertler at team@quidditchvictoria.com

Please also RSVP to our facebook events to keep up to date in the lead up to the tournament and over the weekend.

Tournament: https://www.facebook.com/events/545748019146805

Social: https://www.facebook.com/events/442901609404077

The Victoria Cup: Round 1

Header Photo Credit: Nicholas Hirst Graphic Design: Massimo Galli
Header Photo Credit: Nicholas Hirst
Graphic Design: Massimo Galli

With the first round of the Victoria Cup this coming Sunday, 2nd of April, the Victoria Quidditch Association would like to extend a warm welcome to both our new members and old friends as they return to the field for what is shaping up to be a spectacular season.  Join us at Cordner Oval at Fawkner Park, South Yarra for the following games:

Upcoming Matches

Players must be signed in no later than 5 minutes before their game. Eg. Game day start 10am – players must have their names ticked off by 9.55am. It is the responsibility of the player and their team to ensure that they have signed in before the cut off time. Any player who arrives late or does not sign in will have a time penalty of 5 minutes of game time in which they cannot be on the pitch. They will be informed by the scorekeepers as to when they can join play.

As always, teams are also allocated a refereeing timeslot. Referee teams are required to present themselves 10 minutes before their allocated refereeing slot. The team/s allocated to referee the first time slot at 10:00am will be required to set up the pitch. Pitch set up must be completed by no later than 9:50am. The referee roster will work as follows for the season:

  • SET UP: Teams from the 10:50am game
  • 10AM GAME: Teams from the 10:50am game to referee
  • 10:50AM GAME: Teams from the 10am game to referee
  • 11:40AM GAME: Teams from the 1:20pm game to referee
  • 12:30PM GAME: Teams from the 11:40am game to referee
  • 1:20PM GAME: Teams from the 12:30pm game to referee
  • PACK UP: Teams from the 12:30pm game

Therefore this weekend the following referee schedule will be in place:

  • SET UP: Blackburn Basilisks and Monash Mudbloods
  • 10AM GAME: WRA v WIL – Blackburn Basilisks and Monash Mudbloods
  • 10:50AM GAME: BAS v MUD – Wrackspurts QC and Whomping Willows QC
  • 11:40AM GAME: MAN v UNI O – South Melbourne Centaurs and Melbourne Unicorns Blue
  • 12:30PM GAME: MUG v LAT – Melbourne Manticores and Melbourne Unicorns Orange
  • 1:20PM GAME: CEN v UNI B – Monash Muggles and La Trolls QC
  • PACK UP: Monash Muggles and La Trolls QC

LOCATION: Cordner Oval is located only a field away from our old location on lawn 14, so if you do find yourself a little lost if you do accidently head to our old field out of habit please look for the quidditch goals inside the fenced off football field in the distance towards Commercial Road end of the park.

PARKING: If you need to drive to Fawkner Park, it is still recommended you look for a park on Pasley Street as this is closest to the fields. However, due to the park being popular and hosting a number of other sports, we recommend you arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to find parking.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Public transport is the easiest way to get to Fawkner Park. The Sandringham, Frankston, Pakenham and Cranbourne lines all stop at South Yarra station which is only a 10-minute walk down Toorak road to the park.
The number 8 tram stops at the Toorak road end of the park (stop #26), and number 72 tram at the Commercial road end of the park (Alfred Hospital stop). Both these trams can be caught to and from the CBD as well as passing through domain interchange, a hub for many tram routes.
Bus routes 220, 246, 216 and 219 all stop close to the park as well. A number of other trams also travel along St. Kilda road, as shown on the PT map below. To map your journey, visit: https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/

2017 Fawkner Park Map

After the games, the VQA invites all players and spectators to come down to Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel Street Windsor, for some cool drinks, $4 pizza, and great company. Click here to join the facebook event!

The VQA has also included some exciting new features on our website, including a league calendar of upcoming games and results and a league standings page to be updated after every round. You can now also view upcoming matches on the sidebar of the website and team specific upcoming matches on each teams page. We are looking into further being able to calculate player statistics such as snitch catches and goal scorers through the website in future.