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Victorian Leadbeater Player Applications for 2019

Applications for the Victorian Leadbeaters are now open, and the Victorian Quidditch Association is excited to announce that this year we will be fielding two Victorian teams at Quidditch Australia’s State Shield Tournament. The event is planned to be held on the 5th – 6th of October in Victoria, with details to be confirmed by Quidditch Australia in the coming weeks.

Tryouts for the Leadbeaters are open to all applicants and will be held as follows:

  1. Sunday 23rd June, 2:00pm – 4:30pm at Fawkner Park (Victoria Cup Field)
  2. Sunday 30th June, 10:00am – 4:00pm at Fawkner Park (Victoria Cup Field)
  3. Players will have the opportunity to be viewed playing at Melbourne Mudbash on the 6th – 7th of July

Applications close at 11:59pm on the 22nd of June. Please answer all questions in the application form in a clear and honest manner, as this will help our selection panel out immensely!

Questions can be directed to any of the Selection Panel members; Daniel Leane (Monash Muggles), Ed Vienet (Monash Muggles), Mark Kelly (South Melbourne Centaurs), Nathan Morton (Whomping Willows) or Nicola Gertler (Melbourne Manticores), or by emailing

The selection panel highly encourages all eligible individuals to apply! As the association intends to field two squads, a high number of applicants is required. To view Quidditch Australia’s eligibility criteria, click here.


Victorian leadbeaters 2019: staff and selection panel applications now open

Applications are now open for Head Coach, Assistant Coach/es, Team Manager and all five positions on the selection panel for the 2019 Victorian Leadbeaters.

If you believe you have the skills and commitment required to be on the coaching team or selection panel, please complete the form below in as much details as possible. Quidditch Australia’s State of Origin Championship weekend is planned to be held in October with the panel’s main goal to be to select the team, reserves and development squad for this event, the team managers role to ensure the smooth execution of the process from an administrative aspect, and the coaching team to develop all players into a cohesive unit for the championship.

A full breakdown of all positions and respective duties can be found here.

The coaching team and selection panel members are required to attend and assist with the running of try-out sessions for the selection process, to be held in June. The head coach is automatically a member of the selection panel.

Coaching, Team Manager and Selector applications close 11:59pm  Friday, May 24th 2019.


Victorian Leadbeaters Selectors Announced, Coach and Player Applications Open for 2018

Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Australia
Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Australia


With Quidditch Australia’s State Shield pencilled in for October 2018, player and coach applications for the Victorian Leadbeaters are now open!

The Association is pleased to announce the selection panel for the 2018 Leadbeaters; Congratulations to Nicola Gertler, Dean Rodhouse, Nathan Morton, Edward Vienet, Michael Braham and Ben Watson on their appointment. The Leadbeaters are now seeking a coach to take on the helm of leading the team to another back to back victory for Victoria.

The role of the coach is as follows;

The Leadbeaters coach will be responsible for the overall coaching and training based management of the team. The successful applicant will be expected to act in conjunction with selectors to decide on team composition, train the Leadbeaters over several months and run the team on the day of the Championships. The coach will also be required to assist with the logistical organisation of the trip. The coach will become a member of the selection panel if they are not already a member of the panel.

The time commitment of the coach would be to run one or two training sessions per week as well as travelling with the team to the championships in October (currently forecast for October). All travel, accommodation and spending money is the responsibility of the individual, however, the VQA intends to fundraise for the team which should hopefully assist some of the financial burdens of the players and coach.

Applications for the coaching position may come from individuals who intend to be playing or non-playing and are required to state their intentions when completing this application.

Applicants will be required to submit an application, including a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation may be from any individual of the applicant’s choosing, not exclusive of a member of their own team or individual outside the quidditch community.

Applications for the coaching position close at midnight, Friday 27th July. 



All Victorians wishing to play for the Leadbeaters must completed the form below and attend any but preferably all of the following sessions;

Melbourne MudBash, 21st – 22nd July: Players who sign up by Friday, 20th July, will be viewed at Mudbash participating with their club teams. The intent of watching players at club event is to see them working in a familiar environment with players they train with. The selectors hope this should allow players the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and discipline they have within their club lineup. Players will not be judged on the final position of their team within the tournament, however, will be judged on their teamwork.

Try-out #1, 2:30 – 5pm,  Sunday 5th August: Players will participate in a serious of drills and scratch matches with the intent of playing with new teammates and exhibiting their skills and versatility.

Try-out #2, 2:30 – 5pm,  Sunday 12th August: Players will participate in a serious of drills and scratch matches with the intent of playing with new teammates and exhibiting their skills and versatility.

Players who cannot attend any of these events may still apply however will be required to provide a justification as to their non-attendance. The two try-out sessions are free, however, signing up BEFORE the event is mandatory to ensure insurance requirements are met. Applicants must be members of the Victorian and Australian Quidditch Associations, as well as meeting the eligibility criteria as follows;


  1. You currently play for a club from that state;

  2. You currently live in that state;

  3. The team that you first played quidditch for is from that state,

  4. You spent the majority of school (K-12, at least 7 years cumulative).in that state


If you have different states for each of the above criteria, you may choose which team you wish to apply for.

Once you are chosen to represent a state as either a player or reserve, you forfeit your eligibility based on clauses B, C and D. For example consider a player who grew up in Melbourne spending all of their schooling there, but then went to NSW for university and began playing quidditch there. If they choose to represent NSW this year, they may only play for NSW in future years until they play for a club team in a different state.

Withdrawing your application or failure to make the state team you applied for does not forfeit your eligibility to apply for other teams. You may apply for multiple states but must withdraw all but one application before final selections.

As these are new regulations for 2018, we will be allowing people to use their eligibilities under B and C even if they have already represented a state, as they may not have been aware of these options. Going forward however, these criteria will apply. – Quidditch Australia


The two try-out sessions are open to all applicants. From these events, the selection panel will determine the necessity to hold further invitational sessions or begin selecting the squad.

Player applications close on Friday, 10th August 2018, however application sooner allows the selectors more time to consider your application. 

Questions may be directed to the Leadbeaters Selection Panel at



Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Australia
Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Australia

Support the Victorian Leadbeaters by purchasing some merchandise to show off your Victorian pride.

Leadbeaters Merchandise is available to pre-order for one week only from Sunday 3rd of September til Sunday 10th of September. A limited selection of merchandise including tees and caps may be available over the tournament weekend, however, all other products are pre-order only. Avoid disappointment and get in quick!

All relevant sizing charts and item descriptions can be found in the Victorian Leadbeaters Shop on their facebook page.

Any questions can be directed to

Victorian Leadbeaters Applications 2017

Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography
Photography by Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Quidditch Australia’s inaugural State Shield has officially been announced to be held at Spencer Park in Brisbane, QLD on the 15th & 16th of October 2017. The Victorian Leadbeaters are seeking players wishing to try out for the squad who are prepared to train hard for the next three months and travel with the team to Brisbane for the tournament to bring home the shield. The selection panel of Dean Rodhouse, Nicola Gertler, Nathan Morton, Neil Kemister and coach Liam McCoppin shall be holding open tryouts on the 9th and 23rd of July from 2:30-4:30pm at Fawkner Park, South Yarra. Following these tryouts, the panel will select a training squad and then a final squad of 21 team members and 4 reserves.

Any player who wishes to attend the tryouts must complete the following form as a part of their application by Wednesday, July 5th.  Please take the time to fill in this application with as much relevant detail as possible. 

Furthermore, players are expected to be prepared to fund their own travel, inclusive of flights, transportation, accommodation, food and spending money. The Victorian Quidditch Association is dedicated to supporting our athletes by providing uniforms through fundraising for the team, however financial assistance for the trip cannot be guaranteed by the association.

Individuals selected for the training squad and final team are expected to attend a minimum of one training a fortnight with a three strikes policy in place for players who fail to attend the required number of training sessions. The Association and panel recognise that the commitment made by all individuals who wish to play for the Victorian Leadbeaters is substantial, however, it is imperative to the success of the team to ensure all players comply with the aforementioned requirements as well the player’s code of conduct (to be released soon).

Tryout #1: 2:30-4:30pm, 9th July 2017, Fawkner Park

Tryout #2: 2:30-4:30pm, 23rd July 2017, Fawkner Park 

Any questions can be directed to the selection panel or VQA Executive at

O-Week Quidditch at Monash, La Trobe and Melbourne Universities

Photo Credit: Luke Hemer, Ajantha Abey
Photo Credit: Luke Hemer, Ajantha Abey

With the new university semesters starting up in the next two weeks, our three university clubs; the Monash Muggles Quidditch Club , Melbourne Unicorns and La Trobe Trolls, are all hosting Come and Try events at their respective campuses for students of all year levels to come and give quidditch a go and potentially join their university’s team. To find out more about these events, see below!

MONASH MUGGLES QUIDDITCH CLUB: Monash University Clayton Campus

The Monash Muggles Quidditch Club will be running quidditch ‘Come and Try’s’ and demonstrations on the Wednesday (22nd) and Thursday (23rd)  of O-week from 1-3pm. These sessions will be held at Campus Park, also known casually as the ‘Res Lawn’ as it is next to the new residential halls on Sports Walk. You’ll be able to try your hand at seeking, beating, chasing and keeping on either of the two days.

This year the Monash Muggles Quidditch Club is also expanding to offer two teams for Monash students to join; The Muggles aimed at being a top tier competitive team on the Victorian Quidditch scene, and The Mudbloods, aimed at students who wish to play on a more casual basis, enjoy the social aspects of the sport, and still have heaps of fun playing quidditch.

Don’t forget to also head down to the O-Week Clubs and Societies stalls to purchase your Monash Muggles club membership for 2017!


MELBOURNE UNICORNS: University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus

Melbourne Unicorns, the Melbourne University quidditch club, are hosting exhibition games throughout O Week. Find out what all the quidditch buzz is about!

We’ll have members on hand to explain the game to you, as well as provide details about how to join up for the 2017 season.
Exhibitions games will be held at 1pm and 3pm on the 22nd and 23rd of February at University Square, Parkville. On the 23rd, head on down to our stall at North Court from 11am to 3pm to become a member of the Melbourne Unicorns Quidditch Club!


LA TROBE TROLLS QUIDDITCH: La Trobe University, Burdoora Campus

Get hippity hyped for the last training of La Trolls Quidditch Club before the semester! If you’re going to the Moonlight Cinema on Simpson Lawn, why not head in a bit early and come give Quidditch a try!

This come and try training session will be held on Wednesday the 22nd between 5-7pm.

Trolls train weekly, 5-7pm Wednesdays behind the library at La Trobe Bundoora, so if you can’t make it this week there’s always next week!
We’re a casual competitive team that’s recruiting La Trobe students to join our ranks for the 2017 Victorian quidditch season – starting in April.
Come along in sports clothes, running shoes, and bring a water bottle and a fun sprit.
*Madam Hooch voice* A reminder that first year students are not allowed their own broomsicks



Victorian Leadbeaters Player Applications Open for Victorian Fantasy Exhibition Games

Victoria’s state team, the Leadbeaters, are taking expressions of interest for a series of three exhibition/practice matches against the NSW Blue-Tounge Wizards to be held across Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th of March at the VQA’s Victorian Fantasy Tournament. The location for the tournament is still to be confirmed however it will be announced before selection for this Leadbeaters squad closes. If the likelihood of your attendance changes once the location is released, please send us an email at to rectify your response.

These games are currently scheduled to be played however the VQA administration is waiting on final confirmation of the Blue-Tongue Wizards attendance. These games will be confirmed on the 5th of February.

It is expected that players selected for the squad attend regular team trainings to be held on weekday evenings or weekends at Fawkner Park or Caulfield Park. The most suitable time and location for training will be determined by the group after selection.

Applications close at 11:59pm on Tuesday the 7th of February. In lieu of try-outs due to this short time frame, selectors will be evaluating players on their written application, past performances throughout previous tournaments and seasons as well as game footage.

If you have represented Victoria during the 2016 Origin series you are still required to complete this form in full. Applications submitted are considered for these exhibition games only. Applications for future Leadbeaters games will be advertised specifically for those other games, including Quidditch Australia’s State of Origin Championship tournament in October.


Selector Applications for Team Victoria 2017

Applications are now open for all five positions on the selection panel for the 2017 Victorian Leadbeaters Team. If you believe you have the skills and commitment required to be on the selection panel, please complete the form below in as much details as possible. Quidditch Australia’s State of Origin Championship weekend is planned to be held in October however the selection panel is also responsible for selecting a team for exhibition and practice matches between the Leadbeaters and other state squads. The first series of these exhibition matches is planned for Victorian Fantasy on the 4th – 5th of March. Selector applications close 11:59pm February 5th.

La Trobe Trolls Quidditch Team


Trolls in the dungeon! The La Trolls (La Trobe Trolls) are the newest team in the league and ready to rock! We’re a mix of experienced players and first years who possibly shouldn’t have brooms. But we do and although we’ve got a long way to go, our hard heads mean we’ll persevere through anything. We train twice a week, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm-7pm at the yard behind the La Trobe library. We are an open team, so non-La Trobe students are more than welcome to come along and join the team. Thought you ought to know.


South Melbourne Centaurs

Half Horse, Half Man, all heart. The South Melbourne Centaurs are quickly maturing as a force in Victoria. Currently playing their first Vic Cup, they plan to take it up against the older teams. Training happens in Fawkner Park on Wednesday at 6.30pm. If you think you have what it takes, come join us