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Welcome to the official website of the Victorian Quidditch Association.

Quidditch is a mixed gender, full contact, high-intensity sport inspired by the fictitious sport of Quidditch in JK Rowling’s fantasy series Harry Potter.

Quidditch is played with two sides of 21 athletes, four positions, and five balls. Played on a field about half the size of a soccer pitch, six or seven athletes take the field for each team at a time. Teams consist of one keeper, three chasers, and two beaters. Additionally, after 18 minutes of game time has elapsed, the snitch is released and each team also gains one seeker. The game is played with all players mounted on broomsticks.

Keepers and chasers must work together to score goals, each worth 10 points, by throwing the quaffle – a slightly deflated volleyball – through any of three large hoops. Beaters aim to assist their team and disrupt the opposition by using any of the three bludgers – dodgeballs – to “knock out” opposing players, forcing them temporarily out of play. While seekers must aim to catch the golden snitch – a tag velcro-attached to the back of a special referee or “snitch runner”- which ends the game and awards the catching team 30 points. The team with the most points when the snitch is caught, wins the game. Quidditch is a full-contact tackle sport.

The Victoria Quidditch Association is always welcoming new players to join our community! Within our league and through representative opportunities  we aim to cater for players of all skill levels. We currently run an adults league for players aged 16 and over and are looking to expand into ‘kidditch’ for players aged 10 – 16 in 2020.

Our Committee 

Our association is currently lead by President Mark Kelly. Mark was one of the inaugural members of the South Melbourne Centaurs Quidditch Club and has since gone on to play for the Victorian Honeyeaters at a representative level. Mostly notable, Mark is known in Australia as the ‘voice of quidditch’ for his commentary at major tournament, including Quidditch Australia’s State Shield and the International Quidditch Association’s World Cup.

By Mark’s side is Vice President Nicola Gertler. Nicola has been a committee member of the VQA since 2014 including serving two terms as President as well as being a director of Quidditch Australia. Nicola plays for the Melbourne Manticores at a club level, Victorian Leadbeaters at a state level and was recently selected as an alternate for the Australian Dropbears for the 2020 World Cup.

Keeping records, responding to correspondence and organising meetings is Secretary Justine Herring. Justine plays seeker and chaser for the South Melbourne Centaurs, formerly held the media position on the committee, and in 2019 made her representative debut for the Victorian Honeyeaters.

Rounding out the executive is the associations ‘master of coin’ Nicholas Munro. Nicholas is yet another member of the South Melbourne Centaurs and is serving his second term is the treasurer’s role.


President: M. Kelly
Vice President: N. Gertler

Secretary: J. Herring
Treasurer: N. Munro

Head of Officials: T. Scott
Head of Gameplay: N. Morton
Head of Media: Vacant
Head of Events and Fundraising: D. Waller
Head of IT: M. Galli

Our Story 

The Victorian Quidditch Association was founded in 2011 and was composed of one team – the Melbourne Manticores. Many of the Manticores were chosen to represent Australia in the International Quidditch Association’s Quidditch Olympics, held in Oxford, UK in 2012, in which the Australian squad won the bronze medal.

In 2013, the Victorian Quidditch Association expanded to four teams – alongside the Melbourne Manticores, the Wrackspurts Quidditch Club, the Monash Muggles and the Blackburn Basilisks competed in the Winter League 2013, held in Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne, in which the Manticores were crowned premiers and the Basilisks in second place.

The Victoria Cup competition began in October 2013, welcoming two new teams – the Northern Direwolves and the Melbourne Unicorns – to make it six in total for the Victorian Quidditch Association (two university teams and four community teams). The Monash Muggles were crowned the winners of The Victoria Cup 2013/2014 and went on to win Melbourne MudBash 2014. The year was wrapped up with Easton Shield where the South Melbourne Centaurs made their debut, and which gave the Blackburn Basilisks their first win.

2014 ended with the VQA sending four teams to the national QUAFL championships in Sydney – their largest contingent yet. Of those four teams, three placed in the top four, with the trophy being won by our very own Melbourne Manticores.

Sadly in 2015 we said goodbye to the Northern Direwolves, but welcomed a new team to the fray – the La Trobe Trolls. This year we ran The Victoria Cup 2015, which was won by the Melbourne Manticores. We held our third Melbourne MudBash, and also Charity Cup, which supported the Stroke Foundation. We achieved a landmark feat by hosting QUAFL in Melbourne for the first time, in association with the Monash Muggles. This gave back-to-back championships to our own Manticores, and a very successful tournament, showing just how far we’ve come as an organisation.

In 2016, the VQA again took big leaps and bounds in the Australian and International quidditch scene. The Victorian Leadbeaters, our state team, represented Victoria across three State of Origin weekends throughout the year and claimed the prestigious title over the NSW Bluetongue Wizards. Eleven members of the Victorian community across four teams were selected further to represent Australia at the 2016 IQA Quidditch World Cup. Australia beat the USA by snitch catch to take out the world title.

At a local level, the Melbourne Manticores took out a very successful Victoria Cup season over the Wrackspurts QC. Six of the VQA’s seven then travelled to Quidditch Australia’s QUAFL, the Australian National Tournament, of which the Wrackspurts Quidditch Club placed 1st, Monash Muggles 3rd, Melbourne Manticores 4th, Blackburn Basilisks in the top 8, with the South Melbourne Centaurs and Melbourne Unicorns narrowly missing out on bracket play.

After a very successful 2016, the Melbourne Mudbash, crowning the Melbourne Manticores champions. However a new power was on the horizon with the newly minted Whomping Willows taking out 1st place in the Victoria Cup season. The Willows went on to defeat the defending champions the Wrackspurts Quidditch Club the national championships held at the AIS in Canberra. Victoria welcomed the Monash Mudbloods, second team to the Monash Muggles, to the league in 2016. Victoria continued their representative dominance taking home the State Shield Championship during a tournament of torrential rain in Brisbane, QLD.

2018 and 2019 report to be added soon!

To contact us about getting involved, please email team@quidditchvictoria.com

The Victorian Quidditch Association is affiliated with the Australian Quidditch Association and the International Quidditch Association.


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