Melbourne Mudbash 2018: Player Registration

Photo Credit: Natalie Hulme

Now in its sixth year, the Victorian Quidditch Association’s Melbourne Mudbash winter Quidditch tournament for 2018 will be held on the 21st – 22nd of July at Fawkner Park. Across the two days, teams will compete in a series of ranked pool play or round robin games with the aim of moving on into the Sunday afternoon finals.

Any player who wishes to attend and participate in the tournament must read and fill out this form BY 5pm JULY 13TH.

If you are an individual wishing to join a mercenary team, please select “Mercenary Team” under the team selection.

Please be aware that payments may be made by PayPal only. Paypal is a very effective system and you can pay with a visa debit or credit card without even signing up. This change does not affect you financially at all.

Fee Breakdown:

Individual Player Fee: $35
Tournament Lunches (Sat & Sun): $10
Social Ticket: $20

By registering for this tournament you agree to participate in accordance with the rules of the Victorian Quidditch Association and Quidditch Australia’s Code of Conduct. Anyone found to be in violation of the code will be disqualified from the tournament and required to leave the designated fields for the remainder of the tournament. Please note that this is a drug and alcohol-free tournament. A copy of the code may be found here:

Please RSVP our facebook event to keep up to date with event details and FAQs:

Any questions regarding the tournament can be directed to Nicola Gertler, Tournament Director at

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch at Mudbash 2018!


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