Casual Vacancies: Head of Media and Head of IT

Luke Hemer Photography

Luke Hemer Photography

The Victorian Quidditch Association is seeking two individuals to take on the roles of Head of Media and Head of IT to join our committee and coordinate the media and social media presence of the association.

Head of Media

The role of the Head of Media is to coordinate the production of media for the VQA as well as liaising with various media entities to promote the VQA as well as quidditch as a sport. The Head od Media also works closely with the Head of IT to keep our online media channels up to date and exciting. The role is very flexible however the main area of dedication is the coordinating the filming and editing of game footage to be uploaded to the VQA YouTube channel. This role, therefore, requires availability on Sunday game days as well sometime during the week to be editing some of the game videos.

Specific duties involve:

  • Running and organising rosters for camera operators, commentators and editions to continue to produce the high level of game videos featured on the VQA YouTube channel for the Victoria Cup and other VQA events where required
  • Manage the VQA YouTube Chanel
  • Monitor our mostly self-managing unit of photographers, inclusive of compiling photos and uploading them to Facebook.
  • Keeping the VQA Facebook account up to date with new media content
  • Liaising with media entities and organisations to organise media opportunities for the VQA

Head of IT

The Head of Information Technology is responsible for monitoring and creating content for the VQA social media channels, specifically the Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter regularly with updates from game days and promotion of events.

Specific duties involve:

  • Monitoring and creating content for the VQA social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Monitoring the VQA website and YouTube channel
  • Ensuring all social media channels are kept up to date with correct information about the association
  • Having a presence on game day and developing that into a social media presence by posting scores on Twitter and uploading photos on Instagram
  • Assisting the Head of Media with uploading photographs and videos¬†to the VQA’s media channels
  • Assisting with content and the maintiance of the VQA website

If you are interested in applying for either of these roles, please send an expression of interest with your name, team (if applicable), contact number and a short paragraph in regards to your experience, suitability and ideas for the role you are interested in to the VQA Executive at . Expressions of interest close on Wednesday 28th of June, 2017.


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