VQA Referee & Snitching Workshops

PC: Nicholas Hirst Graphics: Massimo Galli & Nicola Gertler
PC: Nicholas Hirst
Graphics: Massimo Galli & Nicola Gertler
The VQA is excited to be hosting a series of referee and snitching workshops after the games of round’s 2, 3, 4 and 5. These workshops will be open to all VQA members so as a community we can improve our skills across these areas and build confidence in our players and volunteers.
Workshops will be held at Cordner Oval after each round, starting at approximately 2pm.
ROUND 2, April 9th: Referee Workshop with Liam McCoppin
This workshop is aimed at all members of the VQA community, featuring general rules discussions, busting those common misconceptions and focusing on the role of the refereeing team. It is highly recommended that anyone planning to AR, SR or GR during the season attend this workshop.
ROUND 3, April 23rd: Snitching Workshop with Nathan Morton
The workshops aims to teach and consolidate for all snitches, new and experienced, the basic techniques of being a good snitch and how to create a safe and fair environment during a game. This workshop is directed at all individuals who play to snitch during the 2017 season, but all VQA members are welcome to attend.
ROUND 4, April 30th: Head Referee Workshop with Liam McCoppin
This workshop aims to train new and current Head Referees on practical skills such as positioning and game awareness to improve their on pitch confidence and abilities. It will also focus on decision making, working with a referee team and handling conflict and difficult situations during a game.
ROUND 5, May 7th: Snitching Workshop with Nathan Morton
This final workshop will again go over the basics but also focus on some more advanced snitching techniques as well as how to integrate these skills into gameplay, while keeping it fair for both seekers.
All workshops are free, however it is essential to RSVP to the snitching workshops so we can ensure we have enough snitch shorts/socks to run the workshop successfully. 
Any questions or comments? Send us a message on facebook or email team@quidditchvictoria.com

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