The VQA is Recruiting!


Georgia has recently been elected the President of the Monash Muggles Club and as such has decided to step down from her position as Head of Media for the VQA. We’d like to thank Georgia for her year and a half with the VQA and we’d also like to announce that we’re looking for a new Head of Media until our AGM next year!

What does the Head of Media do? According to the constitution:

Head of Media:

(1) The duties of the Head of Media shall include to –
a) attend committee meetings and General meetings;
b) contact possible media sources to gain exposure for quidditch and the Association;
c) work with the Head of IT to promote the Association;
d) submit an Annual Report; and
e) perform other duties as the Committee may resolve.

but we’re keen to hear what you think you could do in the role.

Work for Channel 7 and able to get us a spot on the News? Keen to compile a book about the founding of the VQA? Got a better idea?

If you’re interested in applying please send a letter outlining:
– why you’re interested in the position
– what you would like to do in the position
– any relevant experience
– any irrelevant experience

to by 29/05/2015.

You can download the position description here

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email too!