Brooms Up for The Victoria Cup 2015!

Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association
Photo courtesy of The Victorian Quidditch Association

Written by K. Grace

The first match of the day, Monash Muggles vs South Melbourne Centaurs was the shortest, only eighteen minutes long, meaning both teams didn’t have time to shine. Both teams debuted some of their recent acquisitions, with the Muggles’ entire chaser line comprised of new players toward the end of the game. Leane proved impressive, and Dortmans put Muggles on the board by storming through the Centaurs defense multiple times. Bludger control remained hotly contested throughout the game, at times with experienced Muggle beaters struggling to reclaim possession. Special mention goes to Tredrea from Muggles and Done from Centaurs for their excellent beating. Chasers to watch are Centaurs’ Voorwinden, scoring their first goal, and Gertler, brother of the Muggles’ captain and coach, who scored the final goal in his very first match.

Final score: 90-70*

The highly anticipated game of Manticores vs Wrackspurts was an intense and aggressive one. The forty minute long match was punctuated by many “brooms down” and doling out of cards by Head Referee Gertler. New Wrackspurts recruits Nash and Kemister, while effective, proved no match for Victoria’s most lethal beating duo Rodhouse and Tasman, the former of whom remained on pitch for the entire match. Wrackspurts’ chasers were able to land a few goals, with some impressive long shots by classic players Smith and McCoppin. But ultimately, the chaser game belonged to the Manticores, with the old Baylor defense of last season not proving as effective against the seamless team that is Mayling, Menkhorst, Hunter, and Blamey. Lithe Snitch Morton, a large factor in what was such a lengthy match, brought quite the fight. The eventual suicide catch went to Kemister, who is likely to prove a force to be reckoned with in what’s to come of The Victoria Cup 2015. Special mention goes to Wrackspurts Chaser Kleiner, whose well-earned goal resulted in loud cheers from the spectators.

Final score: 110-80*

La Trobe Quidditch’s debut performance was better than most, but they still have a long way to go before challenging the likes of the Blackburn Basilisks. While La Trobe Keeper Wynen showed faith in his fellow players, sharing the ball around, their female Chasers lacked the confidence required to further the ball up the pitch. However, with experience and more games under their belt, they will later prove to be crucial assets to the team. Former Manticore player Wymarra had the most success advancing the ball, but was folly to beating pair Parker and Gibson, who dominated Basilisks’ defense, maintaining bludger control for the majority of the match. Newcomer Norman, who already proved successful in the recent Victorian Fantasy tournament, excelled in his Basilisks debut, scoring four goals. Chaser Grace put pressure on La Trobe’s offensive lineup, and new recruits Saunders and Miller scored a goal apiece, proving their worth for the team. Ultimately though the game belonged to reigning Highest Goalscorer Thorpe, who racked up a whopping sixteen of the Basilisks’ twenty-seven goals, laying waste to La Trobe. The snitch catch went to Arbuthnot of La Trobe, giving them a small positive at the start of their first season.

Final score 270-30*

Round 2 of The Victoria Cup will be at 10am next Sunday the 29th of March. You can RSVP to the event here