The VQA AGM Ushers In A New Committee

The VQA AGM was held at Melbourne University on Saturday, July 14th 2014 and official voting took place to elect the new VQA Admin for the next financial year. The new committee stands thus:

President – A. Parker
Vice President – G. Gibson
Treasurer – J. Leahy
Secretary – L. Nickholds
Head of Gameplay – N. Morton
Head Referee – M. Partridge
Head of Events – L. De Avocado
Head of IT – K. Grace
Head of Media – G. Tredrea
Head of Fundraising & Sponsorship – N. Benedykt
Equipment Manager – A. Marshall

Team Representatives:
Melbourne Manticores – J. Williams
Blackburn Basilisks – T. Rawson
Monash Muggles – N. Gertler
Wrackspurts QC – H. Al-Qallaf
Northern Direwolves – C. Saunders
Melbourne UniCorns – N. Hirst

The role of Schools Liaison (Kidditch) Officer was motioned to be dissolved temporarily into Events and the role of Team Development was left open. Applications for this position will be taken over the next week. If you’re interested in applying for the role of Team Development, please email your interest to before Sunday June 22nd.
The VQA would like to thank all outgoing members of the VQA admin for their time and support whilst they’ve been on the committee and to warmly welcome the newcomers, as well as those who are returning to a second term!

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