The Monash Muggles Take The Victoria Cup!

Photograph courtesy of Hussain Al-Quallaf


A wet and rainy Grand Final showcased an excellent game of skill and strategy between the first place finishers, the Monash Muggles and the second place getters, the Blackburn Basilisks. The Muggles went in as slight favourites, with the best defence in the competition, having the least goals scored on them for the Victoria Cup season but the Basilisks were never far out of contention – the most offensive team with the most goals scored for the Vic Cup.

It was always going to be an excellent match, both teams having fought hard for their place in the Grand Final – the Muggles continuing their consistent effort through the season and the Basilisks getting a win in over rivals the Melbourne Manticores in the semis to lock their place into the Grand Final the round beforehand.

Morton for the Muggles was his dangerous self, bagging all five of the Muggles’ goals but the Basilisk defence effectively shutting down any other options for other players to score. At the other end, the Basilisks effectively kept bludger control which helped their Chasers break through the infamous Muggle defence, leading Thorpe to slot four goals and Osmond to add his own influence to the board with one.

The scores were level at 50-50 when the Snitch returned to the pitch, with the two Seekers in hot pursuit. Hogan for the Muggles was chasing the Snitch down as G. Gibson subbed out for Teys on the Basilisks side of the field. The Snitch was only back on the pitch for a minute or so when he weaved into the crowd, Hogan on his heels, managing to snatch the sock – Teys there only seconds later. But the win went to the Muggles, the first time Grand Finalists and winners of the Victoria Cup 2013-2014!

Congratulations to all players involved in the first Victoria Cup season for the VQA!