Team Australia Squad Announced!

The International Quidditch Association’s Global Games are coming up on the 19th of July in Burnaby, Canada. This tournament invites teams from every quidditch playing country to come together and compete against each other. The last tournament was held in Oxford, UK in July 2012 and the Australian team (consisting of several members of the Melbourne Manticores) came away with the bronze.

After several weeks of deliberation by the Australian Team Selection Squad, the team was announced on Tuesday evening and the VQA are proud to announce that six Victorian members made the squad! The Victorian players are –

Stewart – Melbourne ManticoresManticores 37

Williams – Melbourne Manticores
Melbourne Manticores

Hunter – Melbourne Manticores

Melbourne Manticores

Osmond – Blackburn Basilisks
Blackburn Basilisks

Rawson – Blackburn Basilisks

Blackburn Basilisks

Parker – Blackburn BasilisksBlackburn Basilisks

The full Australian squad is listed here.

Congratulations to all the selected players!

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